What We Do

You know what it’s like when someone starts talking about a cause that really matters to them?

Their eyes light up.

Their voices lift.

They share personal stories about the issue – why they care, what they want to see happen. Then, they start to think more about their role in the cause.

They start to wonder,

“What more can I do to help?”

At CAUSEWORX, starting these conversations is our superpower

Through heartfelt, relationship-building phone calls, we help donors rediscover what they love about the organizations they support. We inform, connect with, and, most of all, listen to donors, motivating them to take action and have an even greater impact.

The result is a win-win-win: donors leave the conversation feeling excited about their gift, non-profits have the funds to achieve their mission, and our amazing fundraisers leave work every day knowing they made a difference.

Now, that is something worth talking about!

Our Expertise

  • Strategic planning and consulting
  • Donor Journey development
  • Donor Insights
  • Analytics
  • Data Modeling
  • SMS
  • Donor Engagement Campaigns
  • Sustainer Invite Campaigns
  • Sustainer Upgrade Campaigns
  • Lapsed Reactivation Campaigns
  • Mid level donor engagement Campaigns
  • Bequest/Legacy Campaigns

How it Works

When your non-profit hires CAUSEWORX, we become the voice and the ear of your organization – making sure your donors know the awesome work you’re doing, listening to what they care about, and inspiring generosity at every step along the way.

At CAUSEWORX, you don’t need to check your compassion at the (virtual) door.

We are fueled by a desire to make a difference, and we can’t stop talking about the things that matter most (in fact, it’s what we do best!).

Conversations are a two-way street. Whether a donor is ready to give today or not, we listen to what they have to say and make sure they feel understood and appreciated. Then, we share any relevant feedback with non-profit leadership, giving them a 360-degree perspective on what donors are thinking, feeling, and saying.

Our results speak for themselves – after 25 years, we’ve mastered the art of non-intrusive, friendly, action-inspiring conversations.

Who We Are

Leadership Team

Our Team



Our clients are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges

We are passionate about the causes we represent

Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place, one conversation at a time


“The CWX team is so refreshing. It’s great to work in an environment where everyone is so incredibly helpful, positive and supportive. They help you master your skills without trying to force you to perform in a way that feels unnatural. It’s all about connecting with donors and being as authentic as possible.”

Amanda, CWX Fundraiser since 2019

“ The best part about fundraising with CAUSEWORX is, knowing that from the start of your shift to the end, you are making a difference somehow. There’s lots of different causes that we help out, and it always feels good when you’re able to make some kind of impact. There’s such a supportive management team to help support you and make sure you know you’re appreciated.”

Connor, CWX Fundraiser since 2020

“I try to make our donors feel as special as they are. I like to read when they started donating from their file. They are usually surprised to hear. Many want to share a story and I listen. Sometimes they’re funny and sometimes they’ll rip my heart open. Whatever the case, I’m there to listen. I really believe donors are amazing and I can’t tell them that enough.”

Joanna, CWX Fundraiser since 2018

“I love speaking with donors and hearing the stories of inspiration behind their support. My goal is to connect with donors and share how their support is helping change the world. Even if the donor can’t help, I hope that my call made them feel a little better after a hard day or week.”

Ashley, CWX Fundraiser since 2021

“Every day, I know that my efforts are genuinely making a change for the better. I love connecting with donors and relating to them. CWX has given me the opportunity to learn about so many great causes and given me a great deal of hope for a better world”

Tero, CWX Fundraiser since 2021

CAUSEWORX offers the opportunity to work from home and earn a great wage, starting at $20/hour, while making the world a better place!

Interested in joining us as a Fundraiser? View our current openings >

Call our Employment Hotline today at 1-888-309-0119 and send your resume to careers@causeworx.ca.

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