Megan Notice

What sets CAUSEWORX apart?

In the same way that our efforts at “charity” often do not produce real, lasting change when compared to the magnitude of the challenges we face, in today’s fundraising landscape, it can be difficult to believe that a phone call can make a difference in a donor’s giving patterns. However, what I have seen over the past 8 years is that people who care deeply about the cause and who are uniquely skilled at communicating their passion can have a significant impact on the donor, thus engaging them in a deeper commitment to giving. It takes great leadership, the right strategy, the right mix of technologies and a committed team of people excited about executing campaigns with excellence and expertise. In my mind, this is what sets CAUSEWORX apart— strong leadership combined with experienced project managers who know how to recruit, train and manage our team of tele-fundraisers so that we can maximize our clients’ return on investment.

What Inspires You?

Sacrificial love and generosity. I’m inspired by those who choose to set aside their own comfort and desires to serve those in need. I have seen time and time again how “charity” offered with loving hands and hearts makes all the difference.


Hobbies seem like a distant memory… My two boys keep me so busy that my one and only hobby has become spending time with them. Raising them is my greatest fulfillment and joy.