Geoff Lloyd


CAUSEWORX is our best effort at inspiring donors and solving market needs—not providing band-aid solutions, but addressing systemic problems. It is the culmination of 20 years of assessing what works, what drives ROI and long term value, and what really makes a difference for donors.

What sets CAUSEWORX apart?

Donors tolerance for mere transactions with the causes they support is growing thinner by the day.  There’s no way that saving children, animals from abuse or finding a cure for a deadly or debilitating disease is worth $35 every year or so for 3.5 years.  Really, is the brand fully realized?

Donors want relationship, engagement and to be part of something significant.

I believe the phone offers fundraisers their single greatest relationship building opportunity!  An opportunity to change the game.  To engage, listen and respond.

What Inspires You?

Heroism, particularly in everyday circumstances.

I’m reminded of a video clip of a father pushing his son with cerebral palsy across the finish line of a triathlon and being moved to tears as I watched so many cheering them on, seeing the exhilaration in his son’s face, and being struck by this dad’s long term devotion to really making a difference—all for the sake of love for his son.  No audience to play to.  No prize. No paycheck.  Just love for his son and the belief that he was going to make a better life for his child.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced:

We’ve all faced down our demons. Whether at 20 or 40, at some point we must all grapple with being true to ourselves.  The more we don’t fit neatly into what society expects from us, the harder this is.

Few things expose this more than the privilege of leading people.  As a leader, there’s no where to hide the unsightly bits.  Character development takes place front and center.  Leadership is about responsibility, above all, and I believe there’s no greater leadership task than being a parent.


Adventures with my four kids.  Helping each of them find their own way, strength and courage to overcome the obstacles that life will inevitably throw at them.  For the next 20 years, if I can’t do it with my kids, it’s not my hobby.