Ashley Fedrigo

What inspires you?

CAUSEWORX gives me the ability to make a positive difference in the world every day. There is no greater inspiration that that. My introduction to fundraising was a part time job in high school where I was able to call donors and convert them to monthly giving. I was amazed by the stories and the generosity of these donors. From that point on, fundraising became an integral part of my life. Now my passion is leadership, where I’m able to take my experience and use it to develop, train and empower my own team of like-minded team leaders and fundraisers.

What inspires donors?

Donors want to feel appreciated, and they want to see results. Being able to demonstrate both of these things through direct dialogue is most effective but it also gives donors the opportunity to share their own stories. And that’s where the magic happens. Nothing ignites the inspiration behind a donor’s generosity more than allowing them to have a real discussion about their passion for the cause.


I enjoy spending my downtime with my family. I’m a typical Canadian girl that loves the outdoors so I can usually be found taking my dog for longs walks, biking through the local trails, playing in the park with my little girl or working on my golf game.